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Off The Cuff Bespoke Tailored Suits Leeds

Here I am sat at home hand making a clients canvas. 14 Aug, 2014

Bespoke Tailored Suits Leeds

Here I am, ugly old me, sat hand sewing a canvas for a bespoke suit at home after work. My work day doesn’t end when I shut my workroom door after 12 hours of graft there, it often continues for several more hours when I then get home……….Do you think the 3rd party operation you ordered your last suit from will be sat at home diligently hand crafting your suit until 10pm at night like I often do ? Of course not, it’s gone straight to the factory and forgotten about. You would be better going to Marks and Spencer

I have been an actual, dyed in the wool, real deal, fully time served bespoke tailor for 31 years now. I am absolutely passionate about preserving the art and craft of real bespoke tailoring, so sometimes the wording on some of my posts may come across as sounding bitter. This is certainly not the case.

The real problem I have is that these people/establishments/companies have nothing to add to the heritage, craft and art of the trade. What legacy are they going to leave ? A pile of hastily factory made suits sold to their clients as bespoke ! They are mere takers in it for the money, your money.

I get very, very frustrated when I hear of salesmen claiming to be tailors and selling expensive ‘tailored’ suits to clients. Afterall, I would hardly read a book on surgery and suddenly open my own hospital and start carving at your leg, so why would you go to someone who claims to be a tailor ? Leeds is among the worst culprits going in my opinion.

I am trying to help and educate potential clients about the difference between real bespoke tailoring, and the badly made tat that they are being sold from unscrupulous establishments claiming to be the font of all knowledge on tailoring. The best thing you can do is read my home page articles and equip yourself with the information to prevent you from being conned, because that is what is happening, you are being conned !

So if you are looking for bespoke tailored suits Leeds, or possibly thinking about commissioning a genuine bespoke tailored suit I would love to hear from you. Feel free to telephone me for a no obligation chat, 07871877061 or alternatively drop me an email,

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