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With decades of expertise, Des Merrion offers a superior experience for those seeking bespoke garments but unable to visit in person. Our remote suit service is tailored to meet your unique style needs and preferences.

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Understanding the benefits of our remote suit services

Des Merrion’s Remote Suit Service offers unparalleled benefits to discerning customers seeking bespoke tailoring. Experience the utmost convenience as you access premium tailoring services from anywhere, bypassing the need for in-person visits. Our expert team guides you through the fabric and style selection process, ensuring every detail matches your preferences. Enjoy the luxury of personalised garments that reflect your unique style and impeccable fit, all crafted with Des Merrion’s renowned quality and attention to detail. Embrace efficiency without compromising on excellence, and elevate your wardrobe with our Remote Suit Service.

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I’ve had numerous suits, jackets and trousers and the difference is staggering. He will guide you through the process in his typical Yorkshire no-nonsense manner and you’ll finish with a suit second to none. Clean lines, a collar that stays put on your neck and a lapel roll smooth as you like. You will not be disappointed.

Gary Melia, Manchester

How our remote suit service works

Here are 5 simple steps outlining our remote suit service process

Step 1: Initial Contact

The first step is to reach out to our team to kickstart your journey. Whether you have a full suit, just a jacket or a pair of trousers, we would love to hear your ideas and share your preferences with us.

Step 2: Selection Process

After an initial discussion, our experienced team will curate top cloth selections from our preferred suppliers based on your requests. We will also gather any further information we require regarding your garment.

Step 3: Payment and Shipping

Upon confirmation of the details of your garment, we will raise your invoice and arrange shipping of your item to us here at our shop. Once we have safely received the item, further measurements and final details can be confirmed.

Step 4: Measurement and Finalisation

Upon receiving your sample garment, our expert team will take comprehensive measurements and arrange a video call to finalise the details of your bespoke garment, ensuring a perfect fit and style.

Step 5: Garment Shipping

Once we have finalised the details, we will then arrange for both your existing garment, and new garment to be shipped back to you. We always use preferred and insured postage companies to handle our logistics for your piece of mind.

Good to know!

We will store all your measurements on file for the next time you wish to order another garment with us. This will help speed up the process if another garment that matches the specifics is required, saving you time and money.

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Our remote suit pricing

Prices for our remote suit commissions are listed in Pounds Sterling and exclude UK Sales VAT @ 20%. Please note specific details regarding cloth selections and additional charges for certain sizes.

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