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Bespoke, Savile Row tailoring is the inspiration behind all modern suiting, including made to measure tailoring.
Bespoke is the benchmark and even the term bespoke was derived long before the mass production of ready made tailoring. Bespoke tailoring, is a process built on a very special relationship, between the client, the cutter and the actual tailors who assemble the suit.

Historically, all cloth lengths were held in stock by a tailor, so when a cloth had been chosen by a client, it was said to have “been spoken for”. A collaboration then begins between you and your tailor to commission something truly special. From the outset, the focus of a bespoke commission is to create a unique garment, entirely made to your needs and your requirements.

Cloth choice with templates

Cloth Choice And Style

Firstly we want to get to know you, what your needs are and what you need us to do for you. It may be a suit for a special day, work or simply the perfect suit you can turn to for all occasions. You may live locally or on the other side of the world, we’d like to know all of these details so we can better guide you through the first stage, cloth selection and style choice

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Pattern Timming

The Pattern, Trimming

Once the appropriate cloth is chosen and the style of cut is decided, our head cutter will take more than 20 measurements and figuration details which are required to create your own personal, hand-drafted pattern. As with everything in bespoke, all decisions made are unique to you which leads to the next stage trimming. Your order will be trimmed, that is selecting everything needed to actually make your order. The finest linings, canvas and silks are used and everything, right down to the shade of buttonhole twist and horn buttons are carefully matched to your requirements.

Hand Cut Bespoke Suits

Cut By Hand, Trimmed By Hand

We precisely hand cut your chosen cloth, select and cut the appropriate weight body canvas for your coat and produce the skeleton baste fitting of your suit in preparation for your first fitting. With bespoke tailoring, each stage of your commission is carried-out by craftsmen whose objective is to ensure you are delighted with the outcome.

Tailoring First Fit

The First Fitting

During your first fitting, we will make careful adjustments with pipe chalk onto your suit, and note any further figure and fit requirements. This is the first time you will really be able to see the cloth you have chosen coming to life and to get just a taste of how the finished product will look and feel.

Tailoring Remark & Recut

Complete Ripping Down, Re- Marking And Re-cutting

Your suit will be completely taken apart and be fully re-cut, transferring any alterations noted forward onto the now amended suit. Any alterations that were noted will also be applied to your unique, original paper pattern, thus enabling us to have an almost perfect template of your figure and posture. Only now will your suit actually start to be made. All the key points and small style details will be imbued into your suit which is completely re-assembled in preparation for your fitting.

Tailoring Second Fit

The Second Fitting, The Forward Fitting

We then have a further fitting or possibly two before completion. This is where other minor adjustments can be made to ensure you’re delighted. Your order then has the final finishing (hand sewing and buttonholes etc) and pressing. Your bespoke garment will then be complete but having you stand in front of a mirror with a big smile on your face isn’t the end of the story. We always like to see you again in a few months to make sure your new suit is performing as it should and that you’re completely satisfied. And yes, perhaps there’s another reason for this. We always ask you to drop by again as normally the experience was so good, you’ll want to repeat it.

Bespoke Tailoring Gift Experiences from Desmerrion

Gift Experiences

Indulge your loved ones in the unparalleled luxury of bespoke tailoring with our exclusive gift boxes. Each meticulously curated box contains a length of premium suiting, awaiting exchange for the recipient’s personal choice. It’s as easy as scheduling a fitting at their convenience.

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