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Stitching tailoring 19 Apr, 2014

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“Oh no, not ANOTHER tailoring blog !” Well folks the truth is that I am not new to the world of the tailoring blog, in fact I was one of the absolute first ones to have an in-depth tailoring blog documenting my daily goings on at the coal face of the bespoke tailoring world.

I started my old bespoke tailoring blog around 2001 and it was the very first real in-depth technical blog on the bespoke tailoring trade, I was fortunate enough to have regular followers from all corners of the globe. The other blogs that were running, even the Savile Row tailors blogs, were pretty much holding their cards close to their chest regarding technical information and the spanners of the job, where as i just spilled the beans, so to speak. So here we are some 14 years later and I fully intend to take up the reins where I last left off and give a warts and all view into the workings of the best bona-fide bespoke tailor based in Leeds, Yorkshire.

I sincerely hope that the honesty and transparency of my business shows through because that is all that I merely wish to convey through my blog media, that I am a real, time served, genuine, artisan, hand crafted bespoke tailor. I am not a middle man who passes your work on to a third-party claiming that I am something I am not. I hope this blog will equip you with the right information to help you tell the difference between a bespoke suit and a rubbish factory made one that is far too often being sold as bespoke. Check out my website at



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