18 May, 2014

Bespoke Coat

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Bespoke Coat

If you are in the market for a top drawer bespoke coat, then feel free to drop me a message to discuss your tailoring requirements. desmerrion.com

This post will show one of the advantages of having a bespoke coat made versus buying an inferior, soulless, flat off the peg designer number which will probably cost double what I charge for a real craftsman made bespoke coat.

However, make sure you choose the right tailor for the job at hand, if your tailor does not make you feel like a sartorial god then you are dealing with the wrong tailor !

bespoke coat

You can see the large turn up on the bottom of the coat hem.

The main advantage of having a bespoke coat made is that firstly it will fit you perfectly, you will always look great when you wear it.

The other advantages are that you can completely imbue your own personal touches into your bespoke coat, I don’t just mean putting a flash lining into your bespoke coat, but having a real part in creating a true one-off piece that is absolutely unique to you.

You fancy a delta wing collar, no problem, you want a piece cutting away from your cuff to show some lining not a problem, you want a dip in the back of your collar, no problem……….you get the idea !

You can have a choice of the finest Yorkshire cloths known to man, in a vast array of colours and cloth compositions that perfectly compliment your skin tone and physique.

bespoke coat

The lining hem has been turned under also now.

The other important thing that I think is overlooked quite a lot by clients is that if you invest in a quality tailored bespoke coat or suit, in fact any quality bespoke tailored item, then this garment can give you years and years of wear which really crushes the initial cost of purchase through the amount of times it is worn.

The picture above right shows a coat that I was getting to the forward fitting stage.

I have basted and hand sewn up the hem of the coat and if you look at the picture you can the hem has quite a considerable turn up, at least 3″.

On a factory made garment you would barely have 1 1/4″ turn up here which means the coat can’t ever be lengthened, but the bespoke coat can and more importantly this length can be used for if your figure ever changes.

I am not going into figurations here, but trust me it can be used to cater for your back balance, end of on that one !

The picture to the left shows the same coat with the lining hem now also hand basted, ( tacked ) into place ready for the hand finishing to be done.

So the next time you have a few quid to throw at a bespoke coat look me up and let’s get you something fantastic created for you. Any questions ? I would be happy to have an informal chat. Drop me an email des@dmerrion.com or give me a ring on 07871877061. For more information browse my website desmerrion.com


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