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Full bespoke hand canvas, hand basted into a clients coat, the shape is obvious to see. 21 Jul, 2014

Bespoke tailors on the famous Savile Row take a big chunk of the top end work floating around. But, not all of the tailors perched on Savile Row will make you a bone fide all canvassed genuine bespoke suit. This post will show you one version of the inner canvasses that I make and put into my hand crafted bespoke coats.

Desmond Merrion

The picture below shows Desmond Merrion hand padding (making) a chest canvas for one of my bespoke coats. This picture was taken of me at home on my sofa after work, on the fly by Sarah. Thanks Sarah…..

desmond merrion

Me hand making a canvas for a bespoke coat at home on my sofa after work.

The picture below shows the canvas after it is fully hand padded. I took this picture the next day at work, it is the same canvas I was working on at home as described above. You can see the shape of the chest very clearly, I haven’t taken any cuts out of the canvas yet but two cuts is my preferred default, sometimes I may take three cuts.

desmond merrion

You can see the shape in the chest of this hand made canvas.

The final picture below shows this canvas hand basted onto the front of my clients coat, the chest and shape is obvious. So the next time you visit your tailors, take a good look inside the coat at the fitting to see this canvas running all the way through the front forms top to bottom. Don’t forget to ask him how he made his canvas…….Ahem.

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