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Off The Cuff Bespoke Tailoring Classes

Fit 30 Aug, 2014

Bespoke Tailoring Classes

I offer bespoke tailoring classes for individuals that are looking to gain genuine worthwhile bespoke tailoring knowledge.

These short, in-depth practical bespoke tailoring classes are aimed at companies that may be looking to skill their staff up, or for individuals that could possibly be considering a move into the world of bespoke tailoring.

This workshop can be tailored to the individuals requirements, you may already have some knowledge and experience of the craft of bespoke tailoring already, but would like to gain new skills and practical tailoring experience from a real bespoke tailor.

No matter how many books you read, the actual skills have to be shown to really be effective. I can read a manual on a Ferrari, but it hardly makes me a Ferrari engineer does it ? Well, it’s the same with tailoring you need the actual practical skills.

The duration of the bespoke tailoring class is 1 day, the cost of the workshop is £650 per student, per day. This bespoke tailoring class will be limited to 2 students per workshop.

Genuinely interested parties can contact me direct, by telephone, 07871877061 or if you would like call into my workroom for a chat to discuss your requirements. Please contact me before visiting my workroom to discuss bespoke tailoring classes.

The pictures below show a couple of shots of me at work standing in front of the mirror in my workroom. I am wearing one of my own bespoke coats. The coat wasn’t re-pressed for the pictures, neither of the pictures were staged they are purely me as is.

Bespoke tailoring classes. Bespoke coat


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