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Off The Cuff Bespoke Or Custom Suits

Pick and Pick Cloth 10 Jan, 2015

Bespoke Or Custom Suits

Custom suits is an American term that is used to describe a tailor-made suit that is in essence the equivalent of an English full bespoke suit. So it’s really only a slight difference in the terminology but in reality custom suits are bespoke suits.

Here at Merrion Bespoke, our bespoke or custom suits are both stylish and timeless. Put your best foot forward and dress with intent. We provide numerous traditional methods to capture your measurements in order to create your bespoke or custom suits. Select the option that matches your level of convenience, and your garments will be ready in 6-8 weeks. You can find all my suit prices and make an appointment here 

Choose either my entry level Made To Measure. Mid range Semi Bespoke. Or my top end traditional Full Bespoke. Rest assured that all my bespoke or custom suits are genuinely handmade to your individual measure. I do not outsource any part of your order to a third party.

Every item is hand- cut and hand-made by a master craftsman at our Castleford premises to the client’s individual pattern. All my bespoke suits are handmade to your precise requirements to create a garment that is uniquely tailored to you.

Bespoke Suits London

For quite a while I used to visit the USA several times a year to measure and fit American clients that required my bespoke tailoring. I used to visit New York for 3-4 days, and then I would often fly down to Atlanta where I would stay usually for two days. Because I am a cut and make tailor It got to the point where I was struggling to service two fronts, namely the UK and the USA. My trips got the point that in my last year of visiting America I was over there five times which sounds quite glamorous, but in reality it was five weeks that I wasn’t actually cutting or making anything back home in the UK.

However, that said, I used to really enjoy visiting my clients overseas and some days I do miss hopping over the pond. I am rather lucky though to still have quite a few American clients that I still make bespoke suits for, the difference nowadays is that my US clients tend to fly into London for business or pleasure where I will then meet them and deal with any of their tailoring requirements while they are here in the UK.

Custom Suits

So, here are a few pictures of a suit that I am making for one of my American clients. This particular bespoke suit is for a New York client of mine that is a lawyer.

bespoke or custom suits

A lovely blue colour this pick and pick cloth has.

Custom Suits

Lapel roll I have given the coat lapel.

bespoke tailored

Hand made breast welt pocket. Can you see the delicate hand stitching along the top edge and down the sides ?

Custom Suits

Can you see the hand stitching down the side of the pocket ?

Custom Suits

Smooth tailor made pocket jets and the real horn button on the trouser hip pocket. You would think this is a completely different cloth from the pictures above. It’s amazing what difference the light has on this cloth.

Custom Suits

The tailored pocket flap I have made for the left forepart front.

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