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Off The Cuff Bespoke Coats

des merrion work 20 Aug, 2014

Bespoke Coats

Bespoke coat, made to measure coat, the picture below shows a lovely complex blue/grey twist cloth. This will be a stand alone coat/jacket (whichever terminology you prefer)

Bespoke coats leeds, savile row

My bespoke coat marked in before I cut it out.

Bespoke Coats Leeds

The picture below shows the cloth. This is a vintage length of cloth that I have had for a long time, I will be the lucky recipient on this occasion when it is finished and completed ! You can see the lovely colours that the cloth contains, and as such it will be very easy for me to match shirts and accessories to this complex coloured cloth. The actual colour in the flesh is rather vibrant in the sun and bright lights.

Bespoke coats, made to measure coats Leeds

A lovely all wool twist cloth.

Made To Measure Coat

This next picture below shows my coat marked in and ready to cut out. I sneaked this in one evening before I finished work. If you are wondering, it’s still sat cut out under my cutting table without having a single stitch placed in it yet……what’s the old saying about the cobblers children ?

My bespoke coats marked in ready to be cut out.

My bespoke coat marked in ready to be cut out.

This next picture shows a different angle of my coat/jacket lay prior to cutting. You can see all the relevant cloth pieces that are required to make my coat. I still haven’t decided on a lining colour yet, but I will certainly be adding a colourful one. I will add future new blog entries with pictures and posts documenting the fitting and making of this coat as it progresses.

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