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Off The Cuff Pressing

Setting the vents on a coat ready to press. 1 May, 2014

Hand Pressing

The picture below shows me hand pressing. I am using my heavy tailors iron which weighs about 16lbs to press and set the side vents on a clients jacket. This jacket is the same one as shown in the post “Tailored Mens Jacket” the grey/black flannel. Pressing is an art, a feel for the cloth. It is impossible to really teach you can show someone but if you don’t have the feel for the cloth then forget it you will kill the cloth and the suit.


Me pressing with my ancient heavy tailors iron. I just love this iron, find another !

 All the pictures on this blog are of me actually going about my day-to-day goings on at my workroom. Non of the pictures are staged, I am a traditional working bespoke tailor that personally cuts and also fully makes all my clients garments in my own workroom. I work alone, I have no staff and I certainly don’t take your money and then farm your order out to some factory here and there ! So if you are after a great suit, not an average suit, but a great suit, then drop me a line I would love to hear from you.

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