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Off The Cuff Mens Bespoke Suits

mens bespoke suits 1 May, 2014

Mens Bespoke Suits

High end tailoring is the influence behind all modern suiting, including made to measure, and bespoke is THE benchmark.

The term bespoke was derived long before the mass production of ready made tailoring, and historically all cloth lengths were held in stock by a tailor. Subsequently, when a cloth had been chosen by a client, it was said to have “been spoken for”.

A collaboration now begins between you and your tailor to commission something truly special. And making high end mens bespoke suits is usually the norm.

The picture below shows a mens bespoke suits I have been working on for the past couple of weeks. My client has had two fittings with this suit. A skeleton baste, and a forward baste fitting which is the default way I operate with all clients. My client is tall, slim, has very square shoulders combined with a slightly round back. But this cloth and the cut I have gave him, slim, fitted with a clean chest and little back drape suits him perfectly. Both he and I are delighted with the quality of the fit. It fits him immaculately, and I mean IMMACULATELY

mens bespoke suits

This cloth is a lovely grey/black all wool English flannel My client chose a lime green satin lining to contrast the cloth and to give his suit complete individuality. The choice of linings I offer to my clients is as varied as cloth choices. I don’t think this bright coloured number is anything like the poor quality rubbish you will find in any off the peg number. the quality of my linings is second to none and only purchased from the best merchants in their fields.

mens bespoke suits

If you look at the bottom section of the picture above you can see the hem turning has at least 3″ to allow for the lengthening of the coat if need be at any later stage of this suits life. You can also see the large central inlay running down the back section. The inlay runs all the way right up the full length of the back. Into the neck, which also allows for shall we say, any possible expansion that may occur in my clients girth over the coming years. These inlays are not present in ready to wear garments………ever, end of. For more information, or if you are after a genuine tailor look at

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