16 May, 2014

Made To Measure Suits Leeds

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Made to measure suits Leeds.

Here at Merrion Bespoke, our bespoke suits are both stylish and timeless. Choose from our collection of bespoke suits to put your best foot forward and dress with intent. We provide numerous methods to capture your measurements in order to create your bespoke suits. Select the option that matches your level of convenience, and your garments will be ready in 6-8 weeks. You can find all my suit prices here.

Made to measure suits Leeds, so what are the best colours for your tailored suits?

Our expert advice leans towards investing in three fundamental shades: navy, charcoal, and a softer shade such as petrol blue. The world of business style has bid adieu to the days of pin stripes and checks, embracing the subtle elegance of herringbone patterns and interesting textures.

made to measure suits leeds

Clients bespoke coat being re-cut after the first fitting.

When curating your tailored wardrobe, synchronise your suit selection with your existing ensemble of shirts and ties, creating a harmonious blend that echoes your personal style. White and blue shirts tend to keep the complexities of business attire nice and simple, then simply add subtly textured, spot and stripe ties if you are still rocking them.

For the ardent suit enthusiasts who grace their workplace attired in a suit daily, a selection of at least three impeccable bespoke or made to measure suits Leeds is essential. Adhering to a rotational regime not only prolongs the lifespan of your suits but also retains their intrinsic charm. We suggest wearing a suit for one day and resting for two and rotating accordingly. Also avoid frequent dry cleaning to maintain the fabric’s pristine condition and lustre. You can think of your suit as you would your overcoat and dry clean as infrequently. If it needs a freshen up you can request your dry cleaner do that rather than a full clean. This prevents over treating your suit and will ward off any hints of a shine which can age your suit/s prematurely.

Book your appointment to visit Desmond Merrion Bespoke, and find the perfect bespoke or made to measure suits Leeds with our consultation throughout. For all inquiries, please contact us, and we will look forward to serving you.

A man’s suit of clothes, in the sense of a lounge suit, or bespoke business suits, is a set of garments which are crafted from the same cloth. Often called a business suit when featuring dark colours and a conservative cut.

Sophisticated two, and three-piece suits to wear in the office or about town are the backbone of the modern business persons wardrobe. The single breasted two button jacket is run to a close second by the double breasted two show six ensemble.

We’re highly competent at dressing very successful, high-profile businessmen and women. Order your next bespoke business suit from Desmond Merrion.

Don’t cut corners. A bespoke suit or made to measure suits Leeds is something you’ll need to revisit time and time again. Invest the first time.

You might find a ready-to-wear suit that fits perfectly, but bespoke is usually the best option, especially for those who have a little more trouble finding the perfect fit. 

If you choose wisely, your bespoke business suits will look crisp for years to come.

Desmond Merrion has been the personal tailor of choice for the CEO of M&G Investments. And, practically all the board of directors at M&G Investments since 2007. We’re also proud to dress The Chairman, and CEO of Grosvenor Estate. And many other important figures within other world-renowned companies.

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