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Off The Cuff Made To Measure Suits In Leeds

Compare this waistband extension to the one I made in my blog entry "Bespoke Trousers" 16 May, 2014

Made To Measure Suits In Leeds

What are you actually getting ? Are you getting a REAL tailor-made suit ? Or are you getting something else that is sub-standard ? Unfortunately it may be the latter.

made to measure suits in Leeds A suit from a ‘tailors’ in York sold as bespoke.

made to measure suits in leeds

Back of the coat.

I have been in the tailoring trade, wholesale and bespoke for all of my working adult career, that’s 31 years up to now.

But I actually have a very clear recollection of the trade as a boy aged about 6 years with my father. So the first thing I will say is that I have heritage, and lots of it.

The other aspect is that over those years I have been a trade coat maker, and sometimes trouser maker, for LOTS and I mean LOTS of tailors up and down the UK that outsource their work.

( I am not going to start spilling the beans and naming names, but lets just say some good and some bad along with some very well established names ) so I know who is actually cutting, making or farming it out.

made to measure suits in Leeds width=

Sure there are some tailoring places that are in Yorkshire that have some kind of a workroom, and very convincing it may appear to be to the un-trained eye, BUT take a closer look, ask the right questions and you will find out all is not as it seems.

made to measure suits in Leeds

Suits on a production line. This is not how handcrafted bespoke or real made to measure suits are made !

“Hello !” “Hello !” ” Wake up and smell the coffee !” Tailored suits are not made in a factory ! They are made by a …… TAILOR !

made to measure suits in Leeds

Badly done machine buttonholes. The shop has then just slit them through to make ‘real’ holes, they haven’t even trimmed the eye !!!!

made to measure suits in Leeds

I have seen better apprentice pieces, horribly made trousers !

You would be better off going to Marks and Sparks.

made to measure suits in Leeds

obviously didn’t have their glasses on when they stitched this front !

Some of these ‘tailor made’ suits have been as close to a tailors hands as I have to Scarlett Johansson.

Before you part with any money take a GOOD look at the pictures in this article and ask yourself, would any self-respecting time served tailor actually turn out work of this standard and put his name to work like this ? Of course he wouldn’t, because it’s a mediocre factory made suit sold as ‘bespoke’

made to measure suits in Leeds

What about this for a finish on the inside of the trouser back waistband. I think the pen mark is a nice touch !

So even if you don’t use me for your made to measure suit in Leeds just spend a little time and DO YOUR RESEARCH and use a real tailor. I am just a dedicated passionate tailor trying to preserve my craft. Don’t fall prey to the pretend tailors, there are a lot out there my friend.

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