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Off The Cuff Bespoke Morning Coats

Bespoke morning coat 5 Aug, 2018

Bespoke morning coats have undergone many changes of style. Most importantly, the modern version of it is perhaps the most graceful. It has a fairly high fashion waist line and a long skirt, giving a very attractive and smart appearance.

What is a morning coat ?

The Morning Coat and the Dress Suit, or Dress Coat.

At one time the most frequently worn body-coat was the Frock Coat. It may be somewhat hard to equate that this garment was. Only a little over a hundred and twenty years ago, the standard garment for business wear. No tailor’s cutter would have appeared in his cutting-room clad in any other style of coat.

The Frock Coat was what the lounge jacket is today, a garment for everyday wear. These are easier times, perhaps, and the relative freedom of the lounge jacket has made this the standard garment for general wear.

Bespoke morning coats today.

A morning coat worn these days, could be an elegant three-piece in grey herringbone, with peaked lapels as pictured below.

Bespoke morning coats

The Morning Coat is the basis for all body-coat styles. The Morning Coat is a Frock Coat with the tails cut away. The latter had a square skirt section, whilst the former has the skirt sloping away from the waist seam. A cutter who has a set of Morning Coat patterns will be able to adapt them for the cutting of other styles of body-coats.

In the cutting of a bespoke Morning Coat, there is much scope for the cutter to exercise his style sense, and the Morning Coat lends itself to artistic treatment.

Bespoke morning coats


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