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bespoke morning coat 13 Dec, 2023

Tailors Leeds

Here at Merrion Bespoke, our bespoke suits are both stylish and timeless. Choose from our collection of bespoke suits to put your best foot forward and dress with intent. We utilise numerous methods to capture your measurements in order to create your bespoke suits. Select the option that matches your level of convenience, and your garments will be ready in 6-8 weeks. You can find all my suit prices and make an appointment here 

Every item is hand- cut and hand-made by a master craftsman at my Castleford premises to the client’s individual pattern. And all my bespoke suits are handmade to your precise requirements to create a garment that is uniquely tailored to you.

Choose either my entry level Made To Measure. Mid range Semi Bespoke. Or my top end traditional Full Bespoke. Rest assured that all my suits are genuinely handmade to your individual measure. I do not outsource any part of your order to a third party.

tailors leeds

Tailors Leeds, so what are the best colours for your tailored suits?

Our expert advice leans towards investing in three fundamental shades: navy, charcoal, and a softer shade such as petrol blue. The world of business style has bid adieu to the days of pin stripes and checks, embracing the subtle elegance of herringbone patterns and interesting textures.

I have always been a firm believer in good honest advice told in plain English. Clients always have a choice. They can either buy into the heritage, history, craft and art of a real, time served bespoke tailor like myself. Or they can buy into the self promoting hype, the fancy location and bullshit talk of a salesman that is posing as a tailor. It’s really that simple. A real bespoke tailor is someone who has actually apprenticed under a master or in my case several masters. Unfortunately, most tailors Leeds are not even tailors.

Tailors Leeds

A ‘normal’ suit that is made in any kind of modern factory set up will take merely minutes to fully make. Of course you couldn’t follow a suit from the cutting room to the final despatch in a few minutes, but the actual time, or time and motion time due to the nature of sub division on a large-scale means the actual make time for a suit is very low indeed. My late fathers factory made for numerous tailors Leeds, and as an example made a fully machined two piece suit around every 25 minutes. By comparison, all my genuine, handcrafted bespoke suits will take at least 80 full man hours of time to make. There is just no comparison between a genuine bespoke made suit in terms of quality and fit, the customer service you will receive and a factory made suit, however it may be dressed up, period.

Best tailors Leeds ? Well, Desmond Merrion has been the personal tailor of choice for the CEO of M&G Investments. All the board of directors at M&G Investments, and The Prudential since 2007. We’re also proud to dress The Chairman, and CEO of Grosvenor Estate. Along with several board members of Barclays Bank and other leading financial establishments.

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