Bespoke Tailors Yorkshire

As a bespoke tailors in Yorkshire, I have just got an apprentice that has come over from Sweden to work with me in my workroom for a couple of months before he returns back to college in Sweden.

It turns out that Olle is also a bit of a dab hand with his camera. So, he took a few pictures of me whilst I was sewing my bespoke coats.

The picture he has taken below shows me hand tacking the breast welt pocket before the canvas is inserted.

Bespoke tailors yorkshire. This picture shows me tacking the out breast welt on a clients bespoke coat.

This picture shows me tacking the out breast welt on a clients bespoke coat.

Bespoke suits

There’s very few bespoke tailors, Yorkshire, that will even canvas your garment. Let alone hand baste the canvas onto the cloth. Every single one of my bespoke canvasses are made by hand. I only use real horse hair canvas and to keep permanent shape into the coat chest.

Bespoke tailors yorkshire. This shows me hand basting the canvas onto one side of the coat fronts.

This shows me hand basting the canvas onto one side of the coat fronts.

The last picture is a close up shot of my bunch of Ffyfes basting the canvas onto the coat front. All in all, I think these are pretty decent pictures Olle has taken representing the craft of bespoke tailoring at its best.

All the pictures are of a clients bespoke jacket I have been working on for the past couple of weeks. My client has had two fittings with this suit, a skeleton baste and a forward baste. This is the default way I operate with all clients, unlike most bespoke tailors, Yorkshire. My client is tall, slim, has very square shoulders combined with a slightly round back. However, this cloth and the cut I have gave him, slim, fitted with a clean chest and little back drape suits him perfectly and both he and I are delighted with the quality of the fit. It fits him immaculately, and I mean IMMACULATELY !

It is always really difficult for me to get ‘doing’ pictures of myself working, so I really do appreciate it when someone with a bit of nouse starts taking a few pictures of me. Plus, I like to see my bald head….ahem, ok well maybe not.

So if you are looking to commission a bespoke tailors, Yorkshire, I would love to meet you and have an informal natter over a cup of tea. You can contact me to discuss your tailoring requirements. or 07871877061. I make no bones about it, my tailoring is 100% REAL bespoke tailoring and is the finest available.

Bespoke Tailoring Classes

I offer bespoke tailoring classes for individuals that are looking to gain genuine worthwhile bespoke tailoring knowledge.

These short, in-depth practical bespoke tailoring classes are aimed at companies that may be looking to skill their staff up, or for individuals that could possibly be considering a move into the world of bespoke tailoring.

This workshop can be tailored to the individuals requirements, you may already have some knowledge and experience of the craft of bespoke tailoring already, but would like to gain new skills and practical tailoring experience from a real bespoke tailor.

No matter how many books you read, the actual skills have to be shown to really be effective. I can read a manual on a Ferrari, but it hardly makes me a Ferrari engineer does it ? Well, it’s the same with tailoring you need the actual practical skills.

The duration of the bespoke tailoring class is 1 day, the cost of the workshop is £650 per student, per day. This bespoke tailoring class will be limited to 2 students per workshop.

Genuinely interested parties can contact me direct, by telephone, 07871877061 or if you would like call into my workroom for a chat to discuss your requirements. Please contact me before visiting my workroom to discuss bespoke tailoring classes.

The pictures below show a couple of shots of me at work standing in front of the mirror in my workroom. I am wearing one of my own bespoke coats. The coat wasn’t re-pressed for the pictures, neither of the pictures were staged they are purely me as is.

Bespoke tailoring classes. Bespoke coat


Checked Tweed Suit / Checked Tweed Suit Cloth

I recently made a checked tweed suit, in fact a three-piece suit for a clients wedding. The picture below shows the coat on my tailors dummy in the workroom.

Oddly enough, I had two clients orders on the go in the exact same cloth. This coat in the picture, and the suit, is my made to measure option and not full bespoke. But I hope you agree, and considering this coat is not yet fully pressed off, it doesn’t look half bad even if I say so myself, but that’s the beauty of ordering a suit from an actual sewing tailor, you still get a tailor-made product….

checked tweed suit. Clients made to measure tweed coat. Part of a three piece ensemble.

Clients made to measure tweed coat. Part of a three piece ensemble.

the next picture shows a new bunch just in from of my cloth merchants. The cloths are tweed patterns per-se but are actually woven in normal worsted weight cloth so are perfect for town wear. So if you need, or simply fancy treating yourself to a great checked tweed suit, coat or trousers give me a ring for a friendly chat. You can contact me by email at or telephone me direct on 07871877061 to discuss your tailoring requirements.

Bespoke Coats

Bespoke coat, made to measure coat, the picture below shows a lovely complex blue/grey twist cloth. This will be a stand alone coat/jacket (whichever terminology you prefer)

Bespoke coats leeds, savile row

My bespoke coat marked in before I cut it out.

Bespoke Coats Leeds

The picture below shows the cloth. This is a vintage length of cloth that I have had for a long time, I will be the lucky recipient on this occasion when it is finished and completed ! You can see the lovely colours that the cloth contains, and as such it will be very easy for me to match shirts and accessories to this complex coloured cloth. The actual colour in the flesh is rather vibrant in the sun and bright lights.

Bespoke coats, made to measure coats Leeds

A lovely all wool twist cloth.

Made To Measure Coat

This next picture below shows my coat marked in and ready to cut out. I sneaked this in one evening before I finished work. If you are wondering, it’s still sat cut out under my cutting table without having a single stitch placed in it yet……what’s the old saying about the cobblers children ?

My bespoke coats marked in ready to be cut out.

My bespoke coat marked in ready to be cut out.

This next picture shows a different angle of my coat/jacket lay prior to cutting. You can see all the relevant cloth pieces that are required to make my coat. I still haven’t decided on a lining colour yet, but I will certainly be adding a colourful one. I will add future new blog entries with pictures and posts documenting the fitting and making of this coat as it progresses.

Contact me for an informal chat to discuss your tailoring requirements, or if you are requiring a superbly tailored bespoke coat or made to measure coat. 07871877061, or email me at

Bespoke Tailored Suits Leeds

Here I am hand sewing a canvas for a bespoke suit at home after work. My work day doesn’t end when I shut my workroom door after 10 hours there. It often continues for several more hours when I get home. Will the 3rd party operation you ordered your last suit from be sat at home hand crafting your suit like I often do ? Of course not, it’s gone straight to the factory and forgotten about. Actually, you would have been better going to Marks and Spencer

I am passionate almost to the point of obsession with trying to preserve the art, craft and heritage of real bespoke tailoring. I’m not bitter, I’m passionate, and there’s a lot of difference between the two.

The biggest difference between me and the companies that offer outsourced garments ? They have absolutely no interest in trying to maintain the trade.

I get very, very frustrated when I hear of yet another salesman claiming to be a tailor. Selling expensive ‘tailored’ suits to their victims… sorry clients. I can read the Haynes manual on a BMW, but it sure doesn’t make me a BMW engineer. It also baffles me why folk simply go to ‘Joe’ without looking at ‘Joe’s’ back story. No real tailor would ever be offended if you started out by asking a few probing questions about their ACTUAL work experience. And that’s a fantastic place for you to start before shelling out your cash to ‘Joe’.

I freely inform all my new potential clients about real bespoke tailoring. The best thing you can do is read online about what real bespoke tailoring is. This very website has lots of information to help you to make an informed purchase.

So if you are looking for a bespoke tailored suit Leeds, (Or nationwide) or want to discuss about commissioning a genuine tailored suit, then drop me an email. I would love to hear from you. Feel free to telephone me for a no obligation chat, 07871877061 or alternatively drop me an email,

Bespoke Pattern Matching

When correctly executed makes for a very pleasing appearance to a finished garment, and should be taken into consideration by the tailor when marking in a suit or coat for a client prior to cutting it out. Whether you choose my MTM, semi-bespoke or full bespoke option you can rest assured that if you choose a plaid cloth from any of my bunches, I will ensure that all the patterns of the cloth line up and match nicely.

Bespoke pattern matching

Perfect pocket matching of the stripes on both these flap pockets on this bespoke business suit.

bespoke pattern matching

I have even matched the very faint herringbone stripe in this coat, even though you won’t really see it.

The picture below shows a clients suit, it is a three-piece suit, all the pieces will match up when sewn together.

bespoke pattern matching

A clients suit marked in before cutting. All the pieces will match up when it’s cut out.

Bespoke Pattern Matching

The next various pictures show some of the pieces sewn together and the pattern matching of this strong plaid cloth that I have ensured.

bespoke pattern matching

Flap pocket prior to insertion into my clients coat.

bespoke pattern matching

This picture shows the pocket flap now in the coat, and the matching both ways of the plaid pattern.

bespoke pattern matching

This picture shows the pocket of the trousers. I have matched the bearer on the side seam both ways, vertical and horizontally.

The next picture shows the breast welt of the coat. It is important that all the horizontal seams, pockets, collar etc all match perfectly when a client chooses such a strong plaid cloth as this particular one.
One of the worst things to see come out of a workroom is a badly matched garment, it is a true sign that the workman who made it really doesn’t care about his client or the quality of the work he turns out.
It was not unusual (there’s a song in their somewhere !) for Anderson and Sheppard on Savile Row to not really care about matching the horizontal pattern of plaid cloths at the sleeve. A major sin in my opinion.