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Our Bespoke Process How to Choose a Bespoke Suit Tailor

Our Bespoke Process Genuine, Authentic Bespoke Tailoring

My bespoke workshop creates some of the finest bespoke clothing you will find today. Every garment that I produce is entirely hand crafted, using techniques passed down through generations of masters of renowned tailoring houses and made exclusively from the highest grade of materials, attentively examined throughout to ensure that all aspects satisfy my own exacting standards.

Within the industry I've earned a reputation as a craftsman of the highest order, producing consistently excellent and beautifully executed work.

My aim is to provide every customer with a bespoke suit as unique as those entrusting me with their commission.

Our Bespoke Process Creating Your Unique Pattern

After selecting your cloth, lining and real horn buttons we will take around 40 measurements from your body, and carefully discuss your requirements so you can be assured we know exactly what you need from your suit.

We will then personally produce your own unique pattern. This will be entirely unique to you, and will be kept updated from future fittings.

We don’t repurpose old patterns- once we have drawn up your pattern it will remain yours and we can make as many suits from it as you require.

Our Bespoke Process Striked By Hand, Cut By Hand, Trimmed By Hand

Using your unique pattern, the suit-making process truly begins by carefully hand marking in your suit on your selected cloth, meticulously noting any figure, or posture irregularities from the measuring, and transferring these onto your suit.

Then we precisely hand cut your chosen cloth, select and cut the appropriate weight body canvas and hair canvas for your coat and produce the skeleton baste fitting of your suit in preparation for your first fitting.

Our Bespoke Process The First Fitting, The Skeleton Baste

During your first fitting, we will make careful adjustments with pipe chalk onto your suit, and note any further figure and fit requirements. As standard, I completely remove the under collar, and re-pin this into its correct position. I will also fully open and smooth the coat shoulders on your figure to ensure a perfect fit at this crucial stage.

This is the first time you will really be able to see the cloth you have chosen coming to life and to get just a taste of how the finished product will look and feel.

Our Bespoke Process Complete Ripping Down, Re- Marking And Re-cutting

After your first fitting, your suit will be completely taken apart and be fully re-cut, transferring any alterations noted forward onto the now amended suit.

Any alterations that were noted or marked up, will also be applied to your unique, original paper pattern, thus enabling us to have an almost perfect template of your figure and posture.

Only now will your suit actually start to be made. All the key points and small style details will be imbued into your suit which is completely re-assembled in preparation for your fitting.

Our Bespoke Process The Second Fitting, The Forward Fitting

At your second fitting, your suit will be almost finished. The side seams will be closed, lining inserted, sleeves and collars fully hand basted into place. The suit will certainly be reflecting its graceful lines, and clean fit at this stage.

Usually, only the extensive hand finishing would need to be undertaken to complete the commission from this fitting, but for all full bespoke suit orders we opt to provide our clients with a third fitting.

Our Bespoke Process Finally Your Finished Suit

Your suit will then be finished with the cleanest hand stitching, each hand stitch will be delicately placed to leave only the slightest impression.

All our bespoke suits are then hand pressed and finished with hand-made button holes sewn in only the finest pure silk thread available.

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