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Huddersfield Fine Worsteds

9-13oz cloth covers a lot of the requirements I love. It cuts cleanly, tailors well, responds amazingly to steam and working with my tailors iron, drapes superbly and most importantly finishes excellently. I know that any bespoke suit made with these weights of cloth will last a lifetime if the owner does his little bit to look after it.

Bespoke suits cut and correctly made have real longevity and genuinely can become ’heirloom’ suits - suits that can be re-cut and re-tailored to fit your children and even grandchildren.

Cloth woven in Yorkshire has always been in demand throughout the world for centuries because of its quality. I always support the smaller cloth merchants and mills who are based in Yorkshire.

The absolute number one requirement that I ensure for all my clients is that the cloth they’ve selected is absolutely fit for purpose and beautifully finished.

Des +44 (0) 7871 877 061