17 May, 2014

Made To Measure Suits

Me hand stitching my label into a clients made to measure suit

Made To Measure Suits

I make the finest made to measure suits and bespoke suits personally in my own workroom.

What is unique about the way I operate ? I haven’t just drifted or migrated into this trade to try to make a few quid off of you. I have come the hard way from the shop floor.

made to measure suits

Clients unique pattern.

What I am going to briefly explain here is the process of my made to measure suits. And  how similar the bespoke and made to measure service really are.

It’s a lot of bang for your buck as they say.

made to measure suits

Some of the cloth bunches I carry. All the cloths I use are from the finest merchants in their field.

My made to measure suits are cut AND fully made in-house. I don’t outsource to a third party. I actually make suits for Savile Row tailors…

Pleased to meet you

The options are as flexible with my made to measure suits, as with my full bespoke. I will cut you your own individual pattern ……yes that’s right folks I cut you your own pattern. No pre-made patterns here darling.

made to measure suits

A lovely Holland and Sherry blue nailhead that a client picked for his made to measure suit.

Please remember that you are not dealing with someone who is going to send your suit order to some low income country sweat shop or factory, or up the road to Carl Stuart, the tailors trade factory at Ossett near Wakefield.

No outsourcing

Made to measure suits

Made to measure pocket made the same as my bespoke. Smooth thin jets and look on the edge for the delicate hand stitching I have done.

After your pattern is cut I will carefully hand cut out your suit and then prepare your suit for your first fitting, it’s not quite as bare as a skeleton baste, but not too far off.

Time for your fitting

I will conduct the first fitting at a time that suits you.

After this fitting I will strip your suit down and re-cut and shape any parts of your suit to ensure we achieve a precise and very clean fit. I will carefully check all the lengths of everything and start to imbue your own personal style requirements into your suit. I will then prepare your suit for a forward fitting.

So you can see you will get a minimum of two fittings, your own pattern made, your suit cut out by hand and not by a machine, endless style and detail options, hand fitted together and hand sculpted to your figures requirements and the choice of any cloth from any of the cloth bunches that I carry.

made to measure suits

Right front portion of a made to measure coat.

Granted, all the bunches are not at the same price point, if you pick a more expensive cloth we adjust the price accordingly.

After the first fitting

made to measure suits

Outbreast pocket finished. Look for the delicate hand stitching on the top edge and down the sides. compare this to a machined one with zig-zag stitching and false hand stitching.

This is why I keep harping on about coming to me for your tailoring requirements. I will GENUINELY tailor you a suit.

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